Introducing Your Kids to the Best Beach Recreation Sports

hk99999.info1Is your child bored of its usual play routine? Explore one of the America’s best beaches to add variety to your child’s active play. Beaches are great places to sunbathe and engage in some summer recreational sports, such as beach volleyball and basketball. This article will explore some of the best beaches that you can try this summer.

The Hollywood Beach

Nothing comes close to the recreation offered by the Hollywood Beach. The shoreline offers about 2.5 mile pathway for walking, running and biking that can be a great opportunity for kids to engage in active play while you sunbathe.

The shoreline region is loaded with 5 star inns and little lodgings for both sightseers and local people. Children can enjoy healthy sea food while they take part in beach activities. The shoreline additionally offers play zones, ping-pong tables, paddle ball courts, gear for water play and barbecue stands.

Apart from the above-mentioned activities, the beach offers outdoor live shows that require no ticket. In addition, you can take the children for snorkeling, swimming and boating.
The South Beach

Another great beach to try this summer is the South Beach, located in the heart of Florida. The shoreline, otherwise called “SoBe”, is situated between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay. The shoreline encompasses most of the inland islands of Miami Beach and South Indian Creek. The beach offers a unique opportunity to explore picturesque islands. Children can engage in myriad activities at the beach, including swimming, rocks and sea shell collection and sunbathing.
The Fort Myers Beach

Fort Myers Beach tops the list of “the most visited beaches” in America. The beach is situated on Florida’s Gulf Coast and is ranked amongst the most striking shorelines in California. The coast offers mind blowing shorelines and includes more than hundred beachfront islands waiting to be discovered.

A weekend away at the Fort Meyers Beach can be far better than spending an evening with a commercial playground equipment.The shoreline is situated close to the Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum that offers a chance to investigate the history of the territory. The beach is a great option for snorkeling, fishing and camping. Sounds like a great idea? Get your plunging apparatus and have a terrific vacation at Fort Myers Beach.
Hanalei Beach

With endless shorelines and recreational territories, Hawaii has made its place among the top vacationer spots in the United States. Hanalei Beach is one of the city’s major characteristics that pulls in a great many visitors from all around the country.

Hanalei Bay extends crosswise over 3 miles with eminent mountains that give a stunning view to the onlookers. The shoreline is an excellent spot for experienced surfers who can appreciate sweeping waves at a reef and practice their aptitude or essentially put their practice to test. You can teach your kids to surf and swim. In additionHealth Fitness Articles, you can use the striking landscape to take great family pictures.

The above-mentioned beaches are only a few of the recreational spots that you can enjoy with your family. Get your kids away form the conventional outdoor playground equipment and gaming consoles and let them enjoy nature by exploring the various beach spots in the Country and in your city.

Adult Private Swimming Lessons

hk99999.info2No matter what your age or how fit (or unfit!) you are, you will be able to relax completely and Learn To Swim Adults under expert tuition.

You may find many old people out there who say that they do not know swimming. This is actually very common which makes sense either. I mean it is not mandatory that everybody should know swimming. However, the thing that does make any sense is when people say that they are too aged to learn swimming. They say it because they may not have any idea what actually they are talking about. This article has written to encourage the old people out there who think that it is too late to learn swimming.

We all know that swimming is one of those activities which offers many benefits. That is why many individuals even the disabled and mentally under developed individuals swim. So, you should also start learning swimming if you do not know how to swim. Moreover, if you are worried about your age factor, then let me be very honest with you that age has no relation with swimming unless you know how to control your limbs. So, it is better to put this excuse aside and start swimming, so that you can be pleased with water enjoyment.

Besides various health benefits, another advantage of learning swimming is quality time with your kids. Yes! Because no swimming means you cannot join your kids while they are enjoying swimming in the pool. However, if your age comes across again, then reassess your mental state by knowing the fact that swimming is one of those activities which is easier to adapt. This is what experts and therapists say. Additionally, swimming will help you to remain fit as you get older.

Now have a look at some of the health benefits that swimming offers:

Since swimming is an activity that helps in burning calories, therefore it will keep you lean. It affects the muscles by engaging the upper as well as the lower body with equal intensity. And the most importantly, it helps in keeping your heart healthy by ensuring that the passages are not blocked, and therefore your cardio vascular system always remains stronger and healthier.

So, if you have made your mind to learn swimming, then you can turn to the best swimming institute. There are actually many out there, and therefore you can choose as per your locality. The best swimming institutes can have the best swimming tutors who will train you as per your skills and ability to learn swimming. Also, depending on your interest you can choose intensive swimming lessons which will let you learn swimming in no time. This is actually true as you will always be supported by the best swimming teachers.

SoFree Reprint Articles, you can say that it is never too late to learn swimming as all you need to do is assessing your mental state and put your 100%.

Best Theory & Practical Training Programs for Fitness

hk99999.info3In India Fitness and Nutrition Professionals certified by the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA of USA) can earn a monthly average of Rs. 84,000. In major cities, monthly income exceeds Rs. 1.5 lakhs.

You too can become a world-class expert by enrolling to ISSA’s courses in any of the following subjects:

CERTIFIED FITNESS TRAINER (CFT). World’s most successful personal trainer course.
SPECIALIST IN EXERCISE THERAPY (SET). Specialize in medical rehabilitation through exercise.
SPECIALIST IN STRENGTH CONDITIONING (SSC). Specialize in sport & strength conditioning.
SPECIALIST IN SPORTS NUTRITION (SSN). Specialize in advanced nutrition for higher performance.
SPECIALIST IN FITNESS NUTRITION (SFN). Specialize in fat loss, weight gain, weight management.
SPECIALIST IN SENIOR FITNESS (SSF). Help seniors citizens (over age 55) get fitter.
YOUTH FITNESS TRAINER (YFT). Learn to train children aged 6 to 15!


Our 100-hour Theory & Practical Training Program (TPTP) supports all above seven ISSA courses. It is approved by the ISSA. It is conducted in five short modules e.g. Weight Training & Biomechanics Clinic, First Aid & CPR with AED + Sports Injury Emergency Aid course, Sports Nutrition & Diet Management, Fitness Assessment & Exercise Planning, etc.

World-class Fitness Professionals combine weight training with Pilates, Functional Strength Training, Plyometrics, Stretching, Water Fitness, Core Strength & Stability, etc. so that the client is trained in a variety of enjoyable and result-oriented ways.

Fitness is not just lifting barbells and dumbbells! We have 16 types of Fitness and 8 categories of training methods to achieve these goals!

To help understand master them, Gayo offers you 26 world class training programs including:

First Aid & CPR (with AED)
Sports Nutrition
PILATES on Mat / Ball / Reformer
Advanced Strength Training
“Kridaasan” – Sports Yoga
Advanced Plyometrics
Functional Strength Training
“Ira” – Water Fitness
Advanced Power Training
Advanced Speed Training
“ManTra” Exercise & Fitness Psychology
“HarTrain” – Suspended Body Training
REP – Register of Exercise Professionals (U. K.) for ISSA CFT students wanting to work outside India

Our teaching faculty comprises of experts who are internationally and nationally respected for their qualifications and teaching experience. We conduct training programs in 23 cities across India.

We provide, FREE of cost, academic and professional and career development guidance to all our students, trainers and nutritionists. Most courses are presented in English, Hindi and Telugu.

For more information about ISSA and Gayo courses, syllabus, fees, etc, please contact:

P. Usha Sri (Academic & Corporate Fitness Manager) on 9618576608 (email: -or-
Muneer Mohd. (Academics & Enrolments Counsellor) on 99895 39786 (email:

Please visit or

10 Biggest Fitness Myths

Looking for the best and latest fitness information?Are you bored of reading infomercials in “Fitness Magazines” that are just trying to sell you the next miracle supplement? Want an un-biased view of all the latest information the fitness industry has to offer?

Fitness Myth #1 – You gain fat as you age.

Many people believe that gaining fat is unavoidable as we age. The reason you gain fat is because your metabolism has slowed down due to inactivity and poor diet choices.

Even if you do have a slow metabolism no-one is destined to be overweight, with proper lifestyle choices you can rev up your metabolism and change your body.

Fitness Myth #2 – Women will get bulky if they lift weights.

Most women don’t realize how hard it is to bulk up. Ladies don’t worry about getting to “bulky” from weight training, this is a myth you will become lean and toned.

Women only have about 1/10th the amount of testosterone men have, the hormone responsible for building muscle.

Fitness Myth #3 – Training the abs last.

Many people believe that you must train the abs last to avoid fatiguing the stabilizing muscles of the core. Although this sounds like a fair statement this has never been scientifically proven.

If you think about which section of the body is the most important (the core) and what is most people biggest weakness of most people (the core) it does’nt make sense to train the core last when you’re already fatigued.

Fitness Myth #4 – Aerobics is #1 for fat loss.

The problem with aerobic training for fat loss is; It does’nt burn many calories whilst performing the exercise and burns very little if any after. It causes the body to reduce its release of the fat burning hormones and enzymes. The body adapts by becoming more energy efficient, meaning your body has to work less to perform the same workout. Instead use interval training, you will burn far more calories and you will keep your metabolism revving for up to 24hrs after you finish training.

Fitness Myth #5 – Bodybuilding programs for fat loss.

Bodybuilding programs are for bodybuilders. Unless you are using drugs these programs will not work for you! It still amazes me how many people are still reading bodybuilding magazines, following their programs using “body-part splits” and “blitzing muscles”.

The people writing most of these articles are’ nt even bodybuilders, they’re marketers from the supplement companies trying to deceive you, what looks like an article is probably an ad, look closer!

Fitness Myth #6 – Stop exercising & your muscles turn to fat.

I don’t know where this comes from but when you really think about it, it’s ridiculous. Muscle is working tissue which is designed to move your body around, fat is stored energy, it’s as simple as that. The reason people put on fat when they stop training is because the loss of muscle tissue will cause a drop in metabolism, and if your still consumimg the same amount of calories where else are the calories meant to go?

Fitness Myth #7 – You can out train a poor diet.

No matter how hard you train if your diet is poor, you will not see the results your training for. With the right nutrition you will be able to fuel your workouts far more effectively giving you a greater return in results.

Fitness Myth #8 – Spot reducing.

Spot reducing basically means targeting a specific body part with an exercise to reduce fat in those areas. Unfortunately the body doesn’t work this way, when you begin to lose weight you are unable to determine which area your body will lose fat. For example doing lots of sit-ups will not reduce fat around the mid-section, it will only strengthen and tone the abs.

Fitness Myth #9 – More is better.

Too much of a good thing can be detrimental to your training. If you’re training; Too frequently For too long Without enough rest This will lead to overtraining. Overtraining can lead to sickness, depression and injury.

Fitness Myth #10 – High reps cut.

There is no such thing as a “cutting phase”.If you progressively lift heavier weights your muscles will grow, if you lift the same size weight as your previous workout your muscles will stay the same size, if you lift less weight than your previous workouts your muscles will get smaller. The only thing that determines whether you get the “cut” look is the size of your muscles and how low your body fat percentage is.

Fitness Equipment Bodymax 1200ca Programmable Treadmill Review


While it is true that many folks understand that they should be a lot more active, most of them are unsure where to start. There’s a bewildering array of information and fitness equipment available for those who want to improve their fitness level. It is often difficult to choose the method that best suits you. First of all, before you rush into a fitness regimen of any kind, make sure to ask your doctor whether you are in good enough shape to start a fitness programme, whether it is a strenuous one or an easy-going one. It is a crucial thing to keep up with the exercising once you begin you fitness programme. One very effective method of starting your routine is by walking on a treadmill for 20 or 30 minutes for at least 2, perhaps 3 times per week. Remember, if you really want to succeed, you must have superior grade fitness equipment. The following is a bit of detailed info about a treadmill we are especially fond of, the Bodymax 1200CA programmable.

Overall rating:

4.5 of a potential 5.0 stars

Key Features:

Having so many of the features which a person would likely find on a more costly treadmill. This Bodymax 1200CA is built with a strong and powerful 1.5 hp motor which has got a peak of 2.5 hp. Ultimately, this means that this treadmill is advanced enough to keep up with your pace as your level of fitness increases. As time goes by, perhaps you would like to start running on this Bodymax 1200CA; that should be no problem since the motor that runs this machine is extremely powerful and competent. Yet another method of testing your abilities on a treadmill would be to increase the incline. The inclination degree of the Bodymax 1200CA goes from 0% to more difficult 12% incline which is the same as walking up a hill. With its ultimate speed being 12kph, this unique treadmill can even endure a spirited jog.


Roughly 395.00

Product Description:

The Bodymax 1200CA programmable treadmill is manufactured with six incorporated programmes which imitate walking on diverse kinds of terrain. In addition, it is equipped with a wireless heart rate receiver. This will guarantee that your are working out in the correct heart rate range to suit your personal fitness aims. This treadmill does have an easy folding method and the wheels render it very easy to move around. A facet we are partial to is its soft drop which deters unnecessary depreciation of the machine. They’ve really gotten it right with this treadmill: the speed and incline adjustment buttons are located within easy reach on the handlebars.

Product Specifications:

Console display: Large, easy to read LCD window with blue back light
Speed range: 0.8 to12kph (8mph)
Running area: 120 x 41cm
Running belt: 120 x 41cm
Open proportions: 172 x 71 x 125cm
Folded size: 94 x 70.5 x 139cm
Weight: 68kg
Maximum user weight: 15.5st (100kg)
Power method: Mains
Usage: Residential
Warranty: 1 year parts and labour


Using a piece of fitness equipment like the Bodymax 1200CA programmable treadmill is an excellent way to get started improving your fitness level. Even a mild, leisurely walk, performed regularly, can have significant cardiovascular benefits while strengthening and toning the large muscles of the lower body.

Points To Aid You To Choose A New Lap Dance Fitness Pole.

Pole dancing is the new exciting way to keep fit. Lap dancing exercise fitness poles are fast being sold to homes, dance clubs and fitness centres across the UK.

You can now purchase your own exercise dance pole for home use. We have put together some hints to help with you with your choice. You can learn to pole dance in classes throughout the UK or by investing in an instructional Pole Dance DVD.

If you are pondering on whether to purchase a dance pole, you will need to consider which type of pole would be the most suitable for your specific requirements.

Pole dancing is a fitness regime for all. Forget all those hours spent sweating in the gym; pole dancing burns calories, tones up your body muscles, increases flexibility and fitness level. This activity has also been shown to boost self-confidence and improve posture. No matter what shape, age, size or fitness level, Pole Dancing is for everyone.

We have conducted our own independent research. The feedback we have received, particularly from those who have never tried it before is that it is a much more enjoyable way of keeping fit and burning calories than the dreaded treadmill or exercise bike! It encourages active participation, burns calories and, most importantly, it’s great fun!

For those more interested in personal statistics, a good session on the pole can burn up to 400 calories an hour, which is about two Mars Bars’ worth. Experts agree that a by-product is much-improved muscle tone.

Have we tempted you now to look to purchase your very own lap dancing exercise fitness pole?

There are several main types on the market for home use, a static pole, as in the pole does not move when in use, or a spinning pole, it does what it says it spins. The pole can either come in one length custom made to fit your room or in several pieces which will require assembly. It can be made from material ranging from stainless steel to brass, chrome plated and titanium plated. The pole can be fixed to the floor and ceiling so it is permanent or it can be easily removed with removal fixtures and fittings.

Types of pole include:

Permanent Pole  this standard fitting pole can be cut to the specific measurement of your choice. The pole can then be attached to your ceiling (under a secure ceiling joist or concrete ceiling) using matching flanges (these are brackets which have proven to be the most suitable form of fixing for your permanent dance pole). These fixings are attached to the ceiling joist with fixing screws. The pole is then kept in place with a grub screw within the bracket to prevent the pole from moving during exercise.

Semi-permanent Pole / removable pole  this removable type of pole is very popular as it is so versatile. It can be supplied as a made to measure one piece pole or as an adjustable height pole. These are easily erected or removed. The height adjustable pole is perfect for using in different locations within your home or even ideal for travel. If you wish to move your pole it can be ordered to be delivered in several pieces which connect easily together. The pole is easily fitted against your ceiling by using tension, which can be as secure as having a permanent dance pole but without any permanent fixings. It also will not cause damage caused by drilling holes. The tension is sometimes created by an adjustable foot which slots inside the bottom of your pole and a ceiling plate which your pole slots into and lays flush against the ceiling. On other poles the tension is obtained by tightening a nut or screw, each guided by the manufacturers instructions. These are suitable for any permanent floor surface. To remove the pole, all you have to do is release the tension. A travel bag can be purchased to carry portable poles.

Podium Pole  this differs from the other types of pole as it does not fit from floor to ceiling. This particular dance poles comes complete with a podium style base in which the pole is normally fixed. This is a sturdy pole suitable for all dance moves and is usually found in dance halls, lap dancing clubs, pole dancing teaching classes and exhibitions. These are suitable when the ceiling is not low enough or not supportive enough to obtain sufficient tension. The bases are available in a range of designs and can be purchased for home use.

Poles are normally supplied in a kit with full installation instructions. They can be installed in a standard room, and need to be located under a ceiling joist to ensure the pole has full support. In addition to locating the ceiling joist you will also need to be sure there is enough space to be able to spin and turn on the pole without injuring yourself. The only additional tools you may require are a spirit level to ensure your pole is 100% upright, and a stud finder to find the ceiling joist.

The poles that are the favoured by teachers of pole dance, fitness centres and dancing clubs are strong and sturdy. These types of poles are suitable for spins, inverts, climbs. Be careful of a certain novelty pole on the market that has been stocked by Tesco amongst other suppliers. Novelty poles are not as sturdy as other poles and can in fact cause injury if treated as a professional pole. You need to be sure the pole is safe to take both feet off the floor and do all the tricks you would be able to do on a good quality fitness dance pole.

Take time to read fully about the product, you do not want to buy a novelty pole only to find you have to buy again.

As well as attending local classes, you can also purchase a whole range of instructional lap and pole dancing DVD’s which will assist you to be able to use the pole properly and skilfully. The DVDs range from beginners, through to intermediate and on to advanced and come from not just the UK but Australia, Canada and US. These feature champion pole dancers in their own right and include Fawnia Mondey, Pantera and Bobbi from Bobbis Pole Studio.

If you really want to practice and improve your skills on the pole we would recommend using a sports grip such Gorilla Gold. This is a towel that is impregnated with a solution of bees wax. It is natural non toxic and dissipates quickly. It allows you to get good grip by repelling moisture and sweat.

This accessory is ideal to get grip on your lap dancing pole when you need it the most. Gorilla Gold is not just being used by golf, tennis, basketball players and gymnasts, but also pole dancers. It is a superb additional tool to use for best grip on your dance pole. Ideal to be used by sports men and sports women for the ultimate grip.

You can also choose a solution such as Surgrip, an anti-perspirant liquid grip solution designed for your hands. Surgrip is designed to keep hands dry under stress and heat. It is also ideal for use in many sports including golf, weight lifting, racket sports, baseball and the innovative art of pole dancing.

If you are looking to learn new tricks or improve your skills on a dance pole then using a grip towel or liquid eliminates the need for messy chalk. The product will not leave unsightly marks on your clothing. Using Surgrip or Gorilla Gold will allow you to gain extra grip when performing difficult moves. Use with your lap dance pole for hassle free dancing.

There are several poles available in the UK market but if you are looking for a sturdy, quality, low cost pole suitable for spins, inverts, climbs, as you would be able to do in a gym or lap dancing club then we would recommend the POLE DELIGHTS Lap Dancing Exercise Fitness Pole.

Pole Delights Poles are supplied to night clubs, pole dance teachers and fitness centres. They are a quality brand new pole that is safe to use. These are NOT novelty poles. They are professional poles for professional pole dancing.

We hope you are now equipped to be confident enough to purchase your very own lap dancing exercise fitness dance pole. Have fun, feel sexy, and get fit!!

Treadmill Overview Kettler Pacer Treadmills


What would clue you to the fact that you should obtain your own personal treadmill? It is whenever you realize that it is critical for you to exercise, but still you haven’t got sufficient time to work out at the gym. But you should not go right out and get a treadmill of your own yet. Treadmills are costly items, so selecting one from so many hundred models that are available may not be too simple. You might ponder over the question, -Which attributes of a treadmill would benefit me the most?- Do you need one which contains a lot of programs and stores easily? Let me show you a treadmill that could do all that and so much more yet maintain a very affordable price. Below is a bit of data about Kettler Pacer Treadmills.

Primary Functions:

Kettler Pacer Treadmills do have 7 diverse conditioning programmes; one of them is controlled by heart rate and is smartly shown on a blue backlit LCD display screen. This LCD will also show exercise profiles plus speed, duration, distance, and inclination. It additionally comes with a sweat-deterrent keypad. This treadmill has got an incorporated POLAR compatible pulse receiver if you want to keep up with your heart rate, however the telemetric chest straps and hand pulse sensors are optional and you can purchase them independently. This treadmill also features height compensation and SRS-motor control. It also features a unique shock absorption system for those who are worried about their joints.

Unit Description:

The Kettler Pacer Treadmills were first produced by the Kettler group in Germany during 1949 and has since been producing high quality fitness equipment. You can be certain of high resilience because this treadmill is manufactured to endure for years plus has a two year service guarantee with full after sales services. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to lose extra pounds or condition your body for a marathon, you can’t go wrong with this treadmill.

Unit Specifications:

Kettler Pacer treadmills give you about 132 x 48cm (length by width) of running room. Although the electric motor’s maximum peak power could reach up to 2.8 horsepower, the Kettler Pacer has only a maximum constant power of 1.6 horsepower for those days when you think you’d need an extended time of jogging. The most weight it can support is 120kg. And after you no longer walk to work out on a flat and even surface, you can change the incline anywhere from 0-10%. Your jogging rate can be modified to between 1-16 km/h in 0.1 km/h steps.

When open, the treadmill’s measurements are as such: (Length) 182.5 cm x (Breadth) 80 cm x (Height) 134 cm, and when folded its measurements are (Length) 94 cm x (Breadth) 80 cm x (Height) 157 cm. The wheels attached to the treadmill make it easy to roll into any storage area.

Final Thoughts:

So when searching for a treadmill that gives you the most bang for your buck, make sure to consider Kettler Pacer Treadmills that are built to last a lifetime.

Jeffrey Atlas has been a part of the fitness field for more than 20 years so far. Consistent equipment maintenance is essential to the lastingness of your folding treadmills. If you are in the UK, I would truly suggest Fitness World as one of the most excellent sellers of high end diamondback elliptical fitness supplies and service.

Best Fitness Exercise Bikes Manufacturer And Supplier

Exercise Bike is the machine that seems to be very popular among people to reduce weight and burn fat. These machines develop improved fitness level in people that results to become fit and get into better shape as you want. Exercise Bikes increases blood circulation in your body which helps oxygen and nutrients to be more easily delivered to the muscles that helps in improving the health. These bikes are familiar piece of cardiovascular equipment that is easy to use and it shows your current heart rate, estimate the calories burnt and the distance traveled.

Company manufacturer and supplies best Exercise Bikes with heart rate testing handlebar and adjustable mattress foot-mat to make people more fitted as they want. Benefits of using these Exercise Bikes are:

* These machines are helpful for loosing weight and burn more calories in a day.
* These Bikes are the great way to exercise conveniently and comfortably at home.
* Exercise Bikes are easy and more convenient to use and it is ideal if bad weather does not allow you to go outside for exercising.
* By using these Bikes there will be no injury risk to knees and ankles and helps to develop a little leg strength.
* Exercise Bikes becomes important as the purpose of safety, stability and protection.
* Exercise Bikes does not require a lot of maintenance and can strengthen and tone the muscles of the legs and buttocks.
* Exercise Bikes are helpful to develop a leg strength and best platform for better fat burning.

VINEXSHOP is an exclusive online sports shop established by Vinex Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. to provide best Sports Accessories and Fitness Equipment to customers at very affordable cost. Our company is having good name in offering Sports Goods since last 54 years and has been awarded with various certifications. Company achieved awards for No1 exporter of excellence products in India by SGEPC.

We at Vinex Shop offering best fitness equipments including Treadmills, Abdominal Exercise Equipment, Gym and Crash Mat, Exercise Bike, Gym and Fitness Equipment, Gymnastic Equipment. Home Gym Accessories and Vibration plate massager to make you healthy and fit as you want.

Customer can easily ask their query related to product from company at any time via online available live chat or email. Company offers best mean to make payment of purchase products via credit card, debit card, internet banking for online payment and demand draft or cheque for offline order.